Stylish ballet skirts and leotards for dancing athletes

My brain child Prima Materia has been specialising in producing ballet skirts and leotards for class, rehearsals and auditions since May 2019. In 2022, the homebase was moved to the Netherlands from London, the UK.

Products are loved by professional dancers with world class ballet companies - the Royal Ballet, Northern Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet, English National Ballet, National Ballet of Canada and American Ballet Theatre to name a few. They are also loved by students with prestigious ballet schools, as well as ballet enthusiasts across the globe.

My aspiration to become a professional ballerina hit the end of the road when I was a teenager. Still, it was not difficult for me even then to learn that ballet is a type of sports, which combine athleticism and aesthetic.

As a non-competitive, non-performing, still serious ballet dancer now, I started making skirts for myself and my friends. As a natural development, I decided to open a little shop.

I make ballet leotards and skirts as sophisticated sportswear to combine athleticism and aesthetic. So I pay attention to all the practical and stylistic details of my creations.

In terms of practicality, my skirts are all easy and comfortable to wear with elastic waist ribbons, which sit on your waist and hips well while you dance. Leotard designes are streamlined rather than decorated. Both are made of washable and durable fabrics.

In terms of style, the cuts of my skirts and leotards are designed to make your legs and body look lean, healthy and athletic. Additionally, they are made of fashionable prints and colours.

The most importantly, I hope my Prima Materia skirts and leotards energise you to dance hard and with fun! Please do not get carried away too much, though!

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