Thank you so much for coming to London's Finest Pirouettes Masterclass on 14 August, 2021. We had a good class, which means it was tough and challenging, with Dmitri Gruzdev.  

So far, I have received a good feedback. Hopefully, I can plan the next one in a few months time.

For the backstage information of the London's Finest project, please read the newsletter text below.   


In this first ever newsletter, I am pleased to announce that Prima Materia is presenting London's Finest.

You may have already known about it from my social media posts -- my little brand has grown from strength to strength since its launch in May 2019 and I started feeling ambitions about further growth. So, instead of going for mass production overseas, I have decided to grow a community and run masterclasses and workshops as the brand's next step. This project is named London's Finest

Although I was an aspiring ballerina at one point many moons ago, I am not qualified to teach. So I will invite London's Finest guest teachers to my project.

The historic first London's Finest is the Pirouettes Masterclass and the guest teacher is Dmitri Gruzdev.  Upon graduating from the Vaganova Academy, Dmitri joined the Kirov Ballet, today's Mariinsky Theatre, then danced with the English National Ballet as Senior Principal for many many years. He is now the most sought-after ballet teacher and répétiteur in London, across the UK and internationally. 

Class objective: Make mistakes, learn and polish pirouettes techniques. The class will start with barre, then progress from basics to more challenging levels at the centre. The studio class is for beginner-intermediate and advanced dancers. Zoom is open for everyone and anyone. Please click here for more details. 

When: 4-6 pm British summer time (3-5 pm GMT), Saturday, 14 August

Where: The Place/London Contemporary Dance School Flaxman Terrace, London WC1H 9AT

Booking is necessary. For studio class, please click here to book. Not in London? We go global with Zoom! Click here to book.Thank you if you have already signed up!

Please do read the boring disclaimers on my websites in advance.All studios and Zoom attendees will receive a 10% discount coupon code after the masterclass. It can be used for products listed on my online shops and it will be valid for a month. If you have any questions at all or prefer other ways of booking, please reply this email.

About newsletter: I wish to communicate with you once every few months about new product launches, workshops and masterclasses. I will make sure to keep it as minimum and short as possible. If you prefer not to receive newsletters from me at all, please unsubscribe from the right bottom corner of this email.I look forward to seeing you in studios and via Zoom. Meanwhile, please please stay safe and healthy. Ikuko x