I am posting this short blog post to follow up my previous post about the Wear Moi Omega pointe shoes. 

Today, it is 21 October.  I have been wearing the current pair since 23 September without gluing and I think I can use it for a few more weeks. Given I have been using the same pair for every class, I would say Omega is a long-lasting shoe. 

I take about three 90 minutes open classes, mostly advanced/pro and intermediate/advanced, per week with pointe shoes on. I take at least one more class with soft ballet shoes on.

The platform of Omega feels like used Freed Classic Pro and stays like that forever. 

Platform edge is very round, technically no edge. Round platforms seem to correct the placement of my naturally sickled feet, but it may not everyone’s cup of tea. They are so round I am deliberately using them without darning, which I normally do to Freed shoes. 

Satin on the platform started fraying after a couple of classes.

Omega shoes become soft from body heat. Normally, I tend to like to wear pointe shoes from the start of the class at the barre, rather than changing between the barre and the centre. However, because of this characteristic of Omega, the shoes become too soft by the time the class reaches the pirouettes   exercise. And I tend to like soft shoes in general.

I hope this information helps! For more detailed description of the Wear Moi Omega pointe shoes, please read my previous blog post.