I had worn Repetto pointe shoes for many years in Tokyo before switching to Gaynor Minden in 2008 or 2009. I loved them. The only reason why I switched was Repetto pointe shoes were not available from physical stores in the London area when I moved here on a company assignment. They are not even now.   

I do not remember what Repetto model I used to wear. It was definitely not Carlotta but I ordered a pair online anyway. I felt obliged to try at least one Repetto model before settling with Merlet Cloe to make sure I was making a right decision.  Or I was feeling sentimental. Please read my prior blog for background. 

My street shoe size is 3 or 3.5. My feet are very wide in the toe joint area, and narrow in the heels. 

So here we go! I received Carlotta UK4.5 LM, meaning large box medium shank. I am feeling as if turning the clock back to my youth.

Carlotta looks beautiful on my feet. The high vamp creates an elongated elegant look. The top part of the vamps is fabric and it is soft, so the height does not bother me.    

Unfortunately the fitting is not how I remembered my Repetto. Carlotta is, I would say, medium-profile and comes with full shanks.  But my feet are so low-profile and the right foot is flexible, plus the platfrom is forward-pitch, there is too much space between the bottom of my feet and the insole/shank. My right foot is smaller than the left so the full shank sticks out when I go on pointe. These problems, however, might be solved by cutting shanks shorter as I do with Freed.  Just, Carlotta's medium shankes felt too soft to do so and I do not want to bother myself ordering a hard shank shoe.

Carlotta shoes also leave some void space below the second and third toes on both feet when I go on pointe even with thick toe pads. So I sickle and feel too much pressure on my small toe joints, where tailor’s bunion might be.   

I immediately returned Carlotta, feeling very sentimental.  Saying bye to Repetto and Gaynor Minden shoes are as though saying bye to my young self. 

I am also done with randomly ordering pointe shoes online to try out and return them. Cloe is a stock shoe and is usually available from a store in Covent Garden.  

So, I am settling with Merlet Cloe! The end of pointe shoe gypsy-ing! 

I am confident that Cloe shoes fit my feet the best among the shoes I tried and they last long enough. I also like Cloe’s shank/insole is thin, much thinner than Carlotta, so I do not wobble during adagio and in a preparation position for pirouettes. 

Freed Classic Pro V-maker shoes fit me perfect but they do not last as long as Cloe. This is not economical for recreational dancers like myself. Still, I may go back to them in future when I feel like them.    

Cloe comes with built-in toe cushions and the shoe shape fit my feet well. Very recently, I accidetnally used them barefoot in class, without any padding at all.  And I realised I could controll the shoes the best. Still, I may need some protection when I wear them long.

Now my objective is to dance as long as I can.

Does anyone have any insights about what Repetto model Chacott used to sell many years ago before Carlotta came in? I do not believe my shoes were Gamba, because the shoes did not have the Gamba logo but only the Repetto log on.