Thank you all swans for coming to London’s Finest Raymond Chai Swan Lake Workshop. I am extremely happy to see everyone smiling in this photo. And it was taken after 3-1/2 hours of hard work. 

However, it was the last London’s Finest. With a mix of sadness and hopefulness, I announce that Prima Materia is moving to the Netherlands. This is for family reasons. Thank you so much for your support, kindness and friendship. It is beyond words how grateful I am

Here are some changes and key dates:  

  • Prima Materia  will continue to operate! I plan to make all skirts myself in the      Netherlands.
  • All outstanding and future orders will be made. Some outstanding and incoming orders over  a next week or so will be made and dispatched from the Netherlands.
  • Word “London” will be dropped from the brand name and the logo.
  • The name change will be reflected into my online shops' URLs gradually. This will take place seamlessly on my Etsy shop.
  • will  be online as it is now for a next few months. However, products will be made in the Netherlands once I have moved there. I will communicate in newsletters and social media once a new website with a new URL is launched.
  • Moving is planned for 11-13 March.
  • If you want specific solid colour skirts for made-to-order, the deadline is Sunday, 6th March. After this, I will suspend the listings for several days. When they are revived, available colours may change. This is because solid colour fabrics are currently sourced from UK suppliers. I will source fabrics for all orders placed by the deadline, take them to the Netherlands and make      them from there. Once I have moved to the Netherlands, I will start      sourcing solid colour fabrics locally to keep cost low and update the      colour pallets accordingly. This will affect ESSENTIAL solid colour wrap and pull-on rehearsing,  as well as mesh two-panel pull-on, full circle pull-on and LUXE double layer.
  • You can continue  to purchase ready-to-ship items and order ombre and print      made-to-order skirts. Please expect a longer processing time around and after the moving day.
  • I will make partial refunds in case of shipping overcharge. Otherwise, please do not worry.
  • If you are  thinking of returns, exchanges and repairs, please contact me first.
  • I plan to expand into original leotards. This may take a few months.
  • My other project Toi Toi Toi! will stay online, too. Future changes will be communicated in newsletters and the social media platforms.

Please wish me a break-a-leg for Prima Materia's new future. Come visit me if you can! We go grab some pannenkoek and do crazy things. Of course, we can go watch Het Ballet together. 

I will miss you all in London. 

Ikuko x