Unfortunately, I am giving up on Suffolk Solo Prequel after a week of use. I cannot use this shoe probably because it is high-profile. One shoe broke in the fourth class anyway.

I like to use the edge of the platform directly underneath big toes. However, with Suffolk Solo Prequel, the whole surface of the platform contacts the floor almost flat. I found it very scary and I could not get used to it. 

 I also could not use feet properly with this shoe. I had to hop on. You may hop on when you use very hard shoes, but certainly not to this degree of hopping on. I am totally out of control and this hopping on to pointe gave me a big-toe pain. Yes, you feel some degree of pain or discomfort after pointe work, but it has to be manageable. This pain was something I definitely wanted to avoid.  

I am glad I did not spend much money on this one.

Please also note, however, that this is my very very personal experience with Suffolk Solo Prequel, and that it may not be a bad option for everyone.

  For details about the shoe, please see my previous blog post

Current ranking


  1. Merlet Cloe – I enjoy this shoe the most. Its platform is great! 
  2.  Freed Classic Pro V and Crown makers 
  3. Made-in-USA Gaynor Minden – RIP -- 2 and 3 are a tough call.
  4. Wear Moi Omega
  5. Freed Classic V and Crown marker
  6. My old Repetto from Chacott. I do not remember the name of the model.
  7. Bloch Elegance – Platform is very flat and has a sharp edge. A good turning shoe.  I wish I could use them better. Unfortunately, the widest fitting is still not wide enough for me and the shoe started hurting my feet so much after 30 minutes. They gave me blister on where a tailor’s bunion might be. Also, insole hurt the ball of the foot. They die quickly.
  8. Sansha F.R. Duval
  9. Grishko Dream - This shoe did not fit my feet properly but felt very comfortable when I tried them on. Many of my friends love it.
  10. Bloch Axis Dramatica – It articulates feet very well. The platform is so small it was not stable for me. Also, insole hurt the ball of the foot. It may be an okay shoe for contemporary piece? I do not know. 
  11. R Class 32 – I did not like the shank and the platform shape. Very very low profile. Weight distribution is rather on the middle toes than big toes.
  12. Suffolk Solo Prequel
  13. Repetto Carlotta – They are beautiful shoes if you can use them. Unfortunately, the shoes did not fit me, i.e. the widest fitting was still too narrow to my feet.
  14.  Out of question: Made-in-Europe Gaynor Minden and Sansha Ovation