A few criticism of Merlet Cloe is it comes with cotton drawstrings and cotton segments instead of satin ribbons. 

I have seen many dancers dancing with pointe shoes on with cotton drawstrings out in class, so cotton drawstrings are a wide-spread problem. I believe. 

I replace cotton drawstrings with elastic codes. A few people asked me how, so here is how!  

Make sure you do this before you attach wide elastics or ribbons. Attach the end of the elastic code to the end of the cotton drawstring. I might give a 5mm overlap or so and sew them together very very tightly so they don’t break somewhere in the middle. 

Pull the other side of the cotton drawstring carefully. You will feel resistance.  

When the sewn part reaches the mouth of the binding, I use the back of a needle and push it inside. If you do not do this and keep pulling the cotton drawstring, the drawstring and the elastic breaks. The end. 

Keep pulling the cotton drawstring, carefully. If it breaks in the middle of somewhere, that’s the end. No rescue. It has happened to me many times. 

Voila! This one is a success! You can use this technique for any other shoes. 

Do you see anyone using this? Merlet could save lots of money from not providing this with pointe shoes, in my humble opinion.